Grounded Heart Bracelet


In the Grounded Chakra Bracelet

this bracelet consists of Strawberry Quartz, rose quartz, Garnet.

Rose Quartz is the crystal that brings in unconditional love. Rose quartz can be used to balance emotional health, release emotional blockages, and balance other chakras

strawberry Quartz is known as a stone to help you understand your own feelings and those of other people; it will help to lighten up painful emotions and bring love back into your life. It’s also a great stone for anyone who is interested in exploring the spiritual realm and expanding their consciousness. The strawberry quartz represents life and growth, passion and sexuality, love and affection. It can also symbolize a mother’s nurturing abilities making it perfect crystal for those who are expecting.

Garnet Crystal – Garnet activates and balances the Root Chakra, detoxifies the blood, and keeps the heart-healthy. Garnet is the stone of protection and manifestation. It protects the wearer from negativity and evil thoughts. It induces passion, fire, energy, stability, and is believed to bring good luck in love and relationships. Garnet is a stone meant to bring success in life and helps to achieve the goals set in life by its possessor. It stimulates all the Chakras in the body from Base to Crown Chakra and hence meditating with Garnet gives immense strength and balance by inducing spirituality in life.



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